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The Compubodies. Cute animation from a new planet far away.


Hi Earthling

Welcome at our music, fun and dance site. We, the Compubodies, do not live at your Earth, but we have our own planet.

Once upon a time we were listening to your iTunes on our planet. Because we really liked the music from Leo Krans, we contacted him with an intergalactic email. We mailed for a while and Leo asked us if we were interested in doing a reality show from our planet. We talked it over and because Leo seems a nice and dependable guy, we agreed. We gave him the exclusive rights.

So now you can see the first reality show from an alien planet. And yes, extraterrestrial life does exist. We are living proof. This site and the Compubodies YouTube channel is from us, but managed by Leo, because we cannot handle it from here.

So now we can introduce ourselves and share you in our fun and dance. Not sure if you like us, because we are a bit weird. At our planet Compubody, all animals have developed to their full potential. Except for the humans. They caused so much problems, we had to deport them to a different location far away. It was your planet Earth unfortunately. So now you know how you got there. Both other versions are wrong.

The humans were to aggressive and wanted to talk all day long. As soon as they wanted to introduce a paying system called money, we decided they had to go. We knew this would lead to many problems and ruin our relaxed planet Compubody. So we told the humans we had found a planet with mountains of gold. They wanted to leave the same day, because they were worried someone else would take it. We brought them with our spaceship and they rushed off as soon as we opened the doors. Many are still looking for the mountains of gold. They still don't understand this isn't the way to happiness. We still don't have money and because of that, we are happy and we can enjoy life.

We have a peaceful planet. And we like to keep it that way. So we don't tell you where we are. But if you think you know where our planet is and you have your own rocket, bring us a visit. You are welcome. If you can't visit us, you can get an impression of our life, at this site and YouTube (much more to follow).

We don't like violence or being told we have to act normal. We don't like that. We like being weird. The only thing we do, is enjoy life by having fun and dance. We watch your Earth through our telescope and a lot of things we do like, but some things are not so nice. Why do you fight so much over there and why having so much problems? There is no need for that. We live in peace with each other. So it is possible.

Many years ago we liked the music you were making. We don´t know what happened, but we don't like your new music that much anymore. By accident we discovered music from Leo Krans (see link above and two music players on the right). So now we have his good music and we are very happy with this. We would like to share our life and his music with Earth. Have fun.

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Songs on the album:

  1. Bach likes jazz (4.42)
  2. My new violin (4.39)
  3. I like Carmen (4.02)
  4. Dancing fingers (3.44)
  5. Trumpet swing (3.20)
  6. Handel rocks (2.29)
  7. Turkish Beethoven (2.47)
  8. Fun with vibes (5.59)
  9. Happy Mozart (2.28)
  10. Good looking gypsy (5.32)

Total play time 40 minutes.